Congratulations to RWDSU 108 on Pavilion Contract Victory


RWDSU 108 has secured a first contract for workers in Pavilion Building Maintenance in Newark. The Pavilion Building has changed management contractors multiple times, constantly treating the employees that stayed as new hires with shifting wages and benefits. The new contract gives them a steady wage and addresses the safety concerns of the workers that keep the building running. These workers will also have consistent health benefits, regardless of which building contractors come and go.

It’s clear that government alone cannot keep pace with the needs of workers in today’s economy. Time and time again, collective bargaining has proved to be the critical lifeline for workers seeking fair compensation and a middle class standard of living. We are extremely proud of the work of RWDSU Local 108 and our many affiliates, who continue to organize and ensure that workers’ voices are being heard and that continue to fight for an economy that works for all.

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