RWDSU 108 Organizing and Contract Victories Raise Up Workers’ Voices


Organizing workers is a crucial pillar of the labor movement, and RWDSU Local 108 is steadfast in its commitment to growing the ranks of union membership in our state. Building on its successful track record of organizing workers, Local 108 was recently certified as the union representative for 40 employees at the Hasbrouck Heights Department of Public Works. The New Jersey State AFL-CIO welcomes these workers to our union family and congratulates them on their choice to secure a seat at the table and a voice on the job.

In addition, Local 108 recently finalized a contract with Transdev, a company that provides transportation services to Essex County seniors. With the strength of union representation, workers were able to ratify a contract that addressed concerns over health care, retirement benefits, paid time off, and wages, all of which have come under attack by low-bid contractors. This victory is a testament to the importance of unions and a deserving outcome given the professionalism and dedication of employees to their passengers and the company.  

RWDSU Local 108 continues to be a champion in our state for workers seeking to exercise their voice on the job. The fact remains that when workers have a say on the job they not only ensure they are treated fairly, but become more invested partners in the success of the business. 

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