Roadmap for the Future: AFSCME NJ Council 63 Founding Convention

The New Jersey State AFL-CIO was honored to take part in the founding convention of AFSCME NJ Council 63, which creates an organization that is equipped to serve its members long into the future. While the political landscape continues to evolve and the labor movement may soon enter uncharted territory based on corporate-driven, anti-worker attacks, this new council will ensure that working people are able to exercise their voice and bargain for justice on the job.


We commend our AFSCME brothers and sisters on their vigilant efforts to implement a comprehensive roadmap for the future, and we remain united in our collective fight to defend workers’ voices. We further congratulate Brother Steven Tully, who was elected to serve as the Executive Director of the new council, and we look forward to the vision and experience he brings that will continue to drive this effort forward.


As we know, our solidarity allows us to overcome any challenge, and we look forward to the strength we will continue to build as one united labor movement.

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