Register to Vote Before the Deadline: October 17, 2017

Election Day is less than a month away, and working families need to make their voice heard. Therefore, we need everyone to make sure they are registered to vote. The deadline to do so is Tuesday, October 17, 2017.

You can check your voter registration status HERE or complete your voter registration form HERE. There is no way to register electronically, so be sure to plan ahead since you will need to print and mail in your completed form by the October 17th deadline. Postage is not necessary. You may also deliver your registration forms in person to your respective county clerk’s office which you can find HERE.

While our education and mobilization efforts cannot be understated, this election comes down to votes. So please make sure that you, your friends, family, and coworkers are aware of the deadline and register to vote.

There are no do-overs when it comes to elections, so let’s make sure that we cover all bases. By registering to vote and casting your ballot on Election Day, November 7th, the labor movement can ensure a brighter future for all working families in our state. 

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