RECLAIM RUTGERS: Urge Rutgers to Bargain Fair Contracts for Workers and Prioritize Students’ Futures and Academics

Rutgers University is a team, and just like with any team, to be successful, everyone must work together. To help students achieve their academic goals, the university has a responsibility not only to ensure affordable tuition and superior academic resources, but also an ongoing investment in its faculty and staff who maintain an unwavering professionalism and dedication to their students and the university.

Rutgers faculty does more than just teach. They are responsible for helping students to realize their full potential and for creating an environment in which students are inspired to learn and succeed. Nothing demonstrates this commitment to education better than the professors who helped Eric LeGrand earn his degree after he was paralyzed playing football for the university. Here is a video of LeGrand discussing how, through video calls, e-mails, and phone calls, Rutgers workers assisted him in getting ahead in life.

Unions representing more than 20,000 workers are currently in contract talks with the university. CLICK HERE to join Reclaim Rutgers and its allies in calling on Rutgers President Robert Barchi and Rutgers management to:

  • Tackle student debt by making tuition more affordable.
  • Bargain in good faith to achieve fair contracts for all faculty and staff.
  • Increase advocacy to restore public funding.
  • Focus on fundamentals rather than diverting precious dollars to subsidize athletics.

University management has poured a substantial amount of money into athletics, recently guaranteeing the football coach a $3.4 million bonus. Clearly it is time to Reclaim Rutgers to make sure everyone in the university community can grow and succeed together.

Please sign the Reclaim Rutgers petition at You can follow @ReclaimRutgers on twitter, and like it on Facebook at

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