Rallying Against Greedy Verizon

NJ AFL-CIO Joins IBEW, CWA to Demand Economic Justice

Hundreds of IBEW and CWA brothers and sisters filled Exchange Place in Jersey City for a rally against greedy Verizon, the super-profitable telecom giant that continues to disrespect its workers by refusing to offer them a fair contract.


"Instead of trying to limp along by hiring scabs to replace its experienced and dedicated workforce, Verizon should come to the table ready to share some of its mega-profits with the workers who have made the company so rich," said New Jersey State AFL-CIO President Charles Wowkanech, who spoke at Friday’s rally.

Earlier in the week, hundreds of Verizon strikers and supporters jammed West State Street in Trenton for a noontime rally at the New Jersey Statehouse.


Verizon gets more than $100 million in state contracts every year and has been given more tax subsidies from New Jersey than every other state combined. Despite this, Verizon has slashed union call-center jobs and is threatening to send more New Jersey jobs overseas.

We’re not going to let Verizon outsource these jobs!

IBEW and CWA workers voted to go on strike April 13 after months of trying to negotiate a contract on behalf of struggling middle-class families. The New Jersey State AFL-CIO, its affiliated unions and community partners are standing with the Verizon strikers, and we urge everyone to join us by engaging in this fight.

To keep current on the strike, visit http://standuptoverizon.com. Please join a picket line, or stop by with snacks for our brothers and sisters who are holding the line against corporate greed.

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