Privatization Cost Analysis & Call Center Bills Released From Assembly Committee

Broad Coalition Testifies Against Civil Service “Broadband” Regulation
Senate Passes First Responders Protection Act (S-1778) & Privatization Cost Analysis Bill (S-968)
It was a busy legislative day today in Trenton with lawmakers advancing several key bills supporting working families.  The New Jersey State AFL-CIO thanks Prime Sponsor Assemblywoman Huttle and Chairman Joe Egan for posting A-998 in the Assembly Labor Committee.  The bill requires cost analysis for the privatization of contracts, among other pro-worker provisions.  The New Jersey State AFL-CIO testified in support of the bill which passed mostly on party lines with Democrats Egan, Wagner, Albano, DeAngelo, O’Donnell and Coughlin voting “yes” and Republicans Space and Webber voting “no.”  Assemblyman Dancer abstained.

A-3775 (Wagner / Eustace), which concerns call center outsourcing was also released from the Assembly Labor Committee and supported by the New Jersey State AFL-CIO.  Joining all Democrats in support of the bill were Republicans Dancer and Space.  Assemblyman Webber voted “no.”

The New Jersey State AFL-CIO testified in opposition to the Civil Service Commission’s “Broadbanding” proposed regulation being pushed by the Christie Administration and The Civil Service Commission.  This regulation will have a severe, negative impact on the promotion process and other employee matters and will open up the civil service system to patronage and discrimination.  We thank Chairwoman Stender for holding this hearing to bring attention to this flawed policy.

Finally, S-1778 (Greenstein), the “Thomas P. Canzanella First Responders Protection Act” and S-968 (Weinberg / Turner), the Privatization Cost Analysis bill both passed the State Senate, mostly along party lines.  The votes were 21-13-6 and 21-12-7 respectively. The New Jersey State AFL-CIO thanks legislators that voted in support.

To view a full vote breakdown for S-1778 CLICK HERE and for S-968 CLICK HERE.

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