Post-Election “Raise the Wage” Press Conference Highlights Minimum Wage Victory and Benefits to State

Raise_the_Wage_Post_Election_10.JPGThe New Jersey State AFL-CIO was proud to join with Working Families United for New Jersey, Inc. today for a press conference to celebrate and reflect on yesterday’s monumental victory and the historic approval of Ballot Question #2. The conference featured coalition partners, Senate President Steve Sweeney – one of the prime sponsors of the minimum wage, Trenton Councilwoman Marge-Caldwell Wilson, and Tayzia Treadwell, one of the many workers who will benefit from the minimum wage increase.

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Thanks to the great work of everyone in our coalition, over 400,000 New Jersey workers will see an increase in their pay on January 1, 2014. Tayzia Treadwell, who works as a security officer for near the minimum wage and has a young daughter, explained that a little extra income would greatly benefit her family. The ability to help thousands of workers like Tayzia is the greatest reward of this campaign.
This victory is twofold since workers will benefit and economic activity will increase as a result of strengthened consumer spending. There are many businesses that understand this and we were proud to have them join in support of Ballot Question #2. In response to a question that raising the minimum wage would kill jobs and raise prices, Senate President Steve Sweeney explained that there are states around the country with higher minimum wages and economies that are doing better than ours and the simulative effects of a minimum wage increase would be beneficial to jobs, economic growth and building stronger communities.

The margin of victory for Ballot Question #2 was overwhelming. Out of New Jersey’s 21 counties, 18 voted in favor of raising the minimum wage, and the remaining three were extremely close. The desire among voters to provide greater economic opportunity to New Jersey workers is obvious given the results of last night’s election. This victory reaffirms the mission of the New Jersey labor movement to enact policies which lift the standard of living for all workers. It is up to us to seize this moment and opportunity and use this momentum to continue improving the lives of all New Jersey families.

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