Pledge to Volunteer


This week we celebrated Labor Day, recognizing the achievements of working people across the country. Now, with only 61 days until Election Day, it’s time for us to get to work on our Labor 2017 program.  

Governor Chris Christie’s agenda has plagued New Jersey for nearly a decade. For too long, the rich and powerful have rigged the rules to benefit themselves at the expense of working people, but we have a chance to take back our state this election. Together, we can make sure everyone in the Garden State has a fair shot at a great education, good job, and secure retirement.

Commit to volunteer with labor this election cycle.

We have a choice to make on November 7th – continue the failed policies of Governor Christie and his allies or elect real champions for working people.

Under Governor Christie’s leadership, our state’s economic recovery has been among the slowest in the nation. Pensions are in peril and job growth has been sluggish. That’s why we’ve endorsed Phil Murphy for Governor and Sheila Oliver for Lt. Governor – they’re committed to building a better New Jersey where working families have the freedom to prosper.

We need your help to remind our union brothers and sisters that there’s too much at stake to sit this election out. When working people stick together at the bargaining table and the ballot box, we can rewrite the rules so wages are high, benefits are strong, work is safe, retirement is secure, and the freedom to negotiate is universal.

Let’s show the power of unions to get out the vote - pledge to volunteer this election cycle.

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