ORGANIZING VICTORY: Penske Workers Overcome Aggressive Anti-Union Campaign, Win Representation with IAM


The New Jersey State AFL-CIO congratulates the IAM District 15 organizing team and the workers at Penske Truck Leasing’s Bridgeport, NJ facility on their recent organizing success. This was a hard-fought victory in which workers had to overcome a full-blown anti-union campaign carried out by the company’s labor relations department. In the end, it was grassroots organizing and trust that enabled workers to prevail. This victory ensures that two dozen Technicians and Customer Service Representatives at Penske now have the opportunity to exercise their voice on the job.

“These workers overcame an aggressive anti-union campaign carried out by Penske’s corporate labor relations representative who camped out in Bridgeport for a month hammering the guys right up until the opening of the polls,” said District 15 Organizing Director Vincent Addeo. “Some organizing victories are sweeter than others because of the circumstances and this is one of them.”

“This win is one more example of what survey after survey has shown: that when U.S. workers are given the choice, they will choose union representation and collective bargaining as the best way to improve their careers and the economic security of their families,” said IAM Eastern Territory General Vice President Lynn Tucker, Jr.

The New Jersey State AFL-CIO realizes how much time and energy are required to wage a successful organizing campaign, especially in the face of adversity. We commend Business Manager James Conigliaro and the leadership and staff of IAM District 15 on their unwavering commitment to helping workers across our state harness the power of their collective voice.

Once again, we welcome our new brothers and sisters to the New Jersey State AFL-CIO, which represents over one-million union members and their families, fighting to raise the standard of living for all working men and women in New Jersey.

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