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Vote 'Yes' on Ballot Question #1 and


Vote ‘Yes’ on Ballot Question #1 to ensure that the employee benefit programs we pay for, such as unemployment insurance, workers compensation, and paid family leave, are there when we need them.


State raids are causing our employment benefit funds to run dry, and we continue to see this money being used as the State’s ATM machine. Money, which was intended to pay for unemployment insurance claims and other worker protection programs, is being used to fill holes in the state budget. The power is in your hands to end these raids.


Voting ‘Yes’ on Ballot Question #1 would constitutionally prohibit state raids on our hard earned employee benefit funds and help promote fiscal responsibility in Trenton. It’s time for us to make sure that our money goes toward the worker protection programs it was intended for, and that our State’s problems are not placed on the backs of working families.


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