Nurses Ratify First Nationwide Contract with Red Cross


The New Jersey State AFL-CIO is pleased to share the news of an historic contract reached between eight national unions and the American Red Cross that will apply to approximately 4,000 workers in 24 states. This agreement, which was struck despite a backdrop of financial and workplace issues, provides a strong testament to the collective bargaining process. We applaud this favorable outcome and commend our brothers and sisters for their persistence and ongoing commitment to good jobs and the highest standard of patient care.

The eight unions covered by the new agreement are AFT, AFSCME, CWA, IBT, SEIU, UAW, UFCW, and USW. While past negotiations with the company have proved challenging, this new agreement is an important step forward in labor management relations that will undoubtedly result in improved services for patients and the community.

We also extend a special congratulations to New Jersey State AFL-CIO Executive Board member and HPAE/AFT President Ann Twomey, who as a member of the bargaining committee, worked diligently and tirelessly towards this landmark agreement. Sister Twomey remarked, “When frontline professionals have a voice in decisions that affect their work, they can focus on providing excellent service – and everyone wins.”

It is our hope that more businesses follow this example of respecting the voice and professional opinions of its workforce. Once again, we praise the unwavering commitment of our brothers and sisters and hope that our movement can continue to celebrate many similar victories in the near future.

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