Norcross, Watson Coleman Serve as Co-Chairs in “Jobs for America” Effort


The New Jersey State AFL-CIO congratulates our union brother Congressman Donald Norcross on his recent appointment as a co-chair of the Rebuilding America Task Force, part of the a larger “Jobs for America” initiative. His ongoing leadership in this important role will ensure the advancement of a progressive pro-worker agenda that addresses the ongoing challenges in our economy. We also recognize and thank Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman who also serves as co-chair of this important task force through which she continues to demonstrate an ongoing commitment to working people across New Jersey.

“Jobs for America” is led by the House Democratic Caucus and consists of five separate task forces to discuss and devise policy solutions to grow the American economy and uplift working people. The mission of this project is to create opportunities for job growth, boost hardworking families, and give every worker the opportunity to achieve the American Dream.

The Rebuilding America Task Force is specifically focused on modernizing our nation’s infrastructure, expanding job opportunities in key industries, launching a school construction boom, updating our power grid and water infrastructure, and taking a visionary approach to the projects needed to put our country at the forefront of innovation.

We sincerely look forward to our continued work together with New Jersey’s Congressional Delegation to advance sound policies that build our economy by harnessing the collective strength of working people. We once again, congratulate Congressman Norcross and Congresswoman Watson Coleman on stepping up to advance the “Jobs for America” effort.

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