Norcross Bill Would Authorize Use of College Savings for Trade Schools


Congressman and union brother Donald Norcross understands that both college educations and apprenticeship programs play an important role in equipping young people with the skills and knowledge needed to build a successful career. Therefore, he is championing a bill that would allow 529 college savings plans to be used for trade schools as well.

This is a smart bill that reflects the needs of our economy and the types of jobs that are in demand. Congressman Norcross points out, “New Jersey needs more people who are able to work with their hands. Nine of the 10 upcoming jobs do not require a four-year degree.” He added, “You need apprenticeship programs. They are directly related to jobs. College is a way for some, but not all. Somebody has to build the college.”

We applaud the work of Congressman Norcross, which proves how valuable it is to bring union perspectives to our government. His work is making a difference, and we are proud to have him representing our state in Congress.

“There are 211 attorneys in Congress, but there’s only one electrician,” he said. The New Jersey State AFL-CIO is working tirelessly to change this dynamic through its labor candidates program which has achieved 919 election victories since 1997. While we have made remarkable progress, our work is not finished until workers have a voice at every level of government. 

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