NJ State AFL-CIO President Wowkanech on Trump Entertainment Resorts’ ‘Shameful, Anti-Union Actions’

“How many billions does a billionaire need,” asked New Jersey State AFL-CIO President Charles Wowkanech, responding to billionaire Carl Icahn’s shameful attempt to break a contract with 1,100 Atlantic City casino workers. “Icahn’s bottom fishing in Atlantic City’s waters shows all that is wrong with a system that allows a billionaire to get richer while hourly-wage workers are told to give up their pensions and health care – and even their paid lunch breaks!”

On Tuesday, lawyers for Icahn and Trump Entertainment Resorts asked a bankruptcy judge in Delaware to terminate the company’s union contract. The judge hearing the case noted that Icahn hadn’t made a firm commitment to Trump Taj Mahal even as he demanded unrealistic givebacks from casino workers and hundreds of millions in tax breaks and state aid. A ruling could come next week.

“How could Icahn look himself in the mirror after proposing to end paid lunch breaks for casino workers earning less than $12.50 per hour,” Wowkanech added. “Slashing wages and reneging on retirement and health benefits are shameful, anti-union actions that can’t be allowed. We demand labor justice now!”

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