NJ AFL-CIO Welcomes Pope 'of the People' to Our Country and Our Communities


We would like to take this opportunity to welcome ‘the people’s pope,’ Pope Francis, to the United States. With the Pope set to visit Washington, DC, where he will be the first pope ever to address a joint session of Congress, as well as New York City and Philadelphia, we look forward to hearing his inspirational words as he challenges people of all religions to confront a culture of exclusion and indifference.

Pope Francis’ visit has the potential to be a transformative moment in human history. The pope has been inspiring people across race, religion and ideology through his words and deeds. On behalf of the one million members of the New Jersey State AFL-CIO and their families, we embrace the pope’s call for human rights and economic justice, including workers’ rights. His message of inclusion gives hope to all of us.

The Pope’s message is clear: The moral measure of a society is found not in how high the stock market soars or in the might of the military, but in how we treat those on the margins. It’s time we abandon an economy of exclusion that favors the wealthy few and pursue an economy that works for everyone. 

We wish Pope Francis a safe and productive first visit to the United States, and hope his call for strong communities and just social policies is heeded by all.

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