NJ AFL-CIO Statement on Gov. Christie's Disparaging Remark about Teachers, Unions, Public Education


We are very disappointed that Gov. Christie used his position to promote violence against teachers and our labor movement. It’s a sad day when a person who is asking to lead our country says that the national teachers union ‘deserves a punch in the face.’

No job is more important than teaching our children, and those who have dedicated their lives to teaching in our public schools bring enthusiasm, compassion and dedication to the classroom. Despite Gov. Christie’s continuing cuts to education funding, New Jersey public school teachers have risen to the challenge: 88 percent of students graduate high school in four years, among the highest of any state, and nearly 70 percent go on to college.

With crime invading our cities and towns on a daily basis, it is irresponsible for Gov. Christie to call for violence over safety. Our teachers, public schools and our labor movement deserve our utmost respect.

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