NJ AFL-CIO Statement on Christie's Rejection of Atlantic City Aid Bills

President Charles Wowkanech issued the following statement on Gov. Christie's conditional veto of bills to aid Atlantic City:


"With the entire Atlantic City region in financial crisis, and thousands of casino workers laid off from their jobs, it is irresponsible for this governor to let a package of bills idle on his desk through the summer then announce today that he would not enact the critically needed aid measures. The governor’s inaction leaves tens of thousands of working families who were counting on relief in continued financial distress.”

One bill would have helped Atlantic County make up for shrinking taxes from casinos. Another bill would have required casinos to provide health insurance to full-time employees.

“Employees who have worked full-time in Atlantic City’s casinos have had their hours cut back to part-time so their billionaire bosses don’t have to pay for benefits like health care,” added Wowkanech. “It’s a shame we live in a world where a worker’s loyalty doesn’t stand a chance against corporate greed.”

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