NJ AFL-CIO's Independence Day Message


With the July 4th weekend upon us, we would like to wish you and your family a happy Independence Day.

America’s birthday is a good time to reflect on the many rights and freedoms that we in America enjoy and commit to keeping good jobs in our great country by buying American-made products and supporting union businesses whenever possible.

The website Labor 411 is a great resource for American-made products, from beer and ice cream to gas grills. The site also offers a list of union hotels and entertainment venues and other businesses. Union Plus offers a union-made car and truck guide, vacation discounts and more.

The freedoms we enjoy – freedom to join a labor union, freedom to vote and freedom to work in an intimidation-free environment – did not come easily. We hope you support union businesses and buy American-made products whenever possible.

Please be safe as you celebrate America’s independence. We accomplish great goals when we work together as one.

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