NJ AFL-CIO Responds to Christie Veto of $15 Minimum Wage

“Governor Christie’s veto of a phased in $15 minimum wage is sadly not surprising given his endorsement of Donald Trump, who has said that ‘wages are too high’,” stated New Jersey State AFL-CIO President Charles Wowkanech. “This is yet another example of the Governor putting politics before the best interests of our state.”

“A minimum wage increase is not a matter of low-wage workers looking for a handout, as Governor Christie would have us believe,” added Wowkanech. “In fact, an overwhelming majority of New Jerseyans understand that raising the minimum wage is sound public policy that supports workers as well as businesses, which enjoy the benefit of greater consumer demand.”

“Governor Christie will repeat right-wing talking points about costs spiraling out of control and a minimum wage being bad for business, but the facts are simply not on his side. After New Jersey voters approved a minimum wage increase in 2013, state unemployment dropped and businesses continued to grow. It is clearly possible to raise wages while being sensitive to the concerns of business as was the goal of the legislation shamefully vetoed by the Governor today.”

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