TAKE ACTION: Urge Nitta Casings CEO to Respect its Employees and Bargain in Good Faith with Workers United


The New York/New Jersey Regional Joint Board of Workers United, is in a challenging dispute with the management of Nitta Casings, Inc., which has failed to negotiate in good faith with the union. The contract is due to expire on September 30th and with only two more bargaining sessions scheduled, your support of these workers will make a critical difference.

We in the labor movement need to show company management that when they decide to pick a fight with one union, they are picking a fight with all unions. Therefore, please show your solidarity by sending a message to Nitta Casings, Inc. CEO Rod Moore, urging his company to negotiate in good faith.

CLICK HERE to forward a message now.

The union represents approximately 80 workers, who work in the sausage casing industry. These workers exemplify the challenges being faced throughout our economy of working men and women playing by the rules and being challenged by companies that place short-term gains over investing in workers who are crucial to their long-term success.

Once again, please CLICK HERE to send a message to CEO Rod Moore, urging him to support our brothers and sisters, who are partners in the success of this business and deserve to be treated fairly and with respect. As always, thank you for your continued support.

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