New York Times, South Jersey Times, and Times of Trenton All Say Vote “Yes” on Ballot Question #2

Yet another three newspapers have indicated their support for Ballot Question #2 to raise New Jersey’s minimum wage. The New York Times, South Jersey Times, and Times of Trenton have brought the total number of major newspaper endorsements up to six. Previous endorsements include the Star-Ledger, the Courier Post, and the Daily Journal.

In encouraging New Jersey voters to approve Ballot Question #2, the New York Times cited a study by New Jersey Policy Perspective that found, “because the working poor spend virtually every extra dollar they earn, the increase in pay would add $175 million to the economy in 2014, most of it in New Jersey.”
The South Jersey Times summed up the argument in favor of Ballot Question #2 very succinctly, “Working people at the bottom of the ladder in New Jersey need a raise. The only way they’ll get a meaningful one is if voters say “yes” Tuesday to State Question 2.”
The Times of Trenton article explained, “If the measure is approved, minimum wage earners would get a $1 an hour raise beginning Jan. 1. Future increases would be linked to the Consumer Price Index – and so eliminate the need for pitched political battle over the issue every few years.

The amount of support for raising the minimum wage is truly astounding, and leaves little question that an increase with an annual cost of living adjustment is the right choice for our state. If we want to reduce income inequality, lift workers out of poverty, and end wage stagnation, the minimum wage is the perfect place to start. Thank you for your critical support to this campaign. Working together, we will achieve a victory for all New Jersey workers on November 5th.

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