New Jersey State AFL-CIO Stands with Wisconsin Families to Defeat “Right to Work”


The New Jersey labor movement is proud to lend crucial support to Wisconsin’s working families, who are engaged in an epic battle against the infamously anti-union “Right to Work” bill being supported by Governor Scott Walker and legislative leadership.

Last night, New Jersey union members from ATU, BAC, CWA, IFPTE, IUPAT, and OPEIU took to the phones, contacting Wisconsin residents and connecting them directly to their state senators in order to oppose “Right to Work”.

Thanks to the hard work of New Jersey volunteers, our state was the most productive in the country and accounted for a third of the patch-through calls directed to Wisconsin legislators yesterday evening.


It is essential that Wisconsin families understand the consequences of “Right to Work” and take action to prevent this destructive policy. “Right to Work” was designed by right-wing politicians and corporate lobbyists to bankrupt the unions, silence workers, and destroy the last line of defense for the middle class. It strips workers of the fundamental right to have a meaningful voice in the workplace and has undermined wages, benefits, and working conditions in states around the nation.

It is clear that our fight will not stop here. There are already 24 states around the nation with “Right to Work” policies in place, and our efforts to hold elected officials accountable must be ongoing. “Right to Work” is wrong for working families and we will do whatever it takes to make that fact known across the nation.

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