New Jersey State AFL-CIO Proudly Renews Support for United Way in 2013

The New Jersey State AFL-CIO is proud to renew its support for the United Way in 2013 and looks forward to continuing to promote services which strengthen families and the community in New Jersey.

The New Jersey State AFL-CIO is committed to goals such as promoting quality education for our children, securing access to affordable and quality health care, and achieving fair wages for workers. As a labor movement we are working towards these goals by supporting an increase in the state minimum wage and approval of vital school repair and modernization projects.
By reaffirming our partnership with the United Way, we are eager to work together towards these shared goals. We realize that community partnerships, similar to union solidarity, serve as the most effective tool for advancing the goals of working families.

Through years of partnership, the labor movement and the United Way have made great progress with respect to improving education, opportunity, and instilling a sense of hope for all families to achieve a middle class life. We look forward to once again joining together with the United Way and various other community partners to continue on the road of progress.

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