New Jersey State AFL-CIO prepares for upcoming election season

Today marks 97 days until Election Day. We’re ready! Are you?

With the end of summer fast approaching, the New Jersey State AFL-CIO is gearing up for our labor walks, which will take place every Saturday during election season, from September 8 through November 6.

Labor walks are an ideal way to educate our union sisters and brothers about endorsed candidates’ positions on working family issues. More than seven thousand union members participated in 2017’s labor walks, knocking on approximately 367,955 doors. The support of these volunteers resulted in 47 labor candidate victories, as well as the election Governor Murphy and other pro-union legislators.

While the last year’s turnout was impressive, we will need even more support in 2018, which will no doubt be the most important election of this generation, as New Jersey could play a pivotal role in flipping the house.

This fall, New Jersey voters will elect a United States Senator and all 12 members of the New Jersey House Delegation. They will also re-elect 35 incumbent labor candidates and an estimated 30 or more first time labor candidates. 

Anti-Union forces are closing ranks. The Janus decision, Trump’s executive orders, the pension crisis—these are clear signs that the future of the Labor Movement is in jeopardy. Now, more than ever, we must band together and take action.     

How can you help? The first step is registering to vote. If you or anyone you know needs to register, please CLICK HERE to do so before Tuesday, October 16.    

Another way is to check our website for opportunities to volunteer.

Make no mistake: Only through the efforts of our volunteers can we realize the strength of our labor movement. If we work together, and we walk together, we will win together!  

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