New Jersey State AFL-CIO Endorsed Candidate Spotlight: Mikie Sherrill

Mikie Sherrill is the leader we want to send to Washington to represent the 11th Congressional District. As a Naval Academy graduate, a veteran helicopter pilot, and a federal prosecutor, Mikie Sherrill has a record of getting things done, and we can count on her to fight with us and defend our rights when they’re under attack.

Sherrill embraces unions and has worked to empower working people all her life. She vehemently opposes attempts to enact “right to work” laws that would increase corporate profits at the expense of our wages. She also understands the importance of repairing our roads, bridges, railroads, and airports; and she will invest the funds needed to upgrade our transportation infrastructure, including the Gateway Tunnel. 

As your representative, Sherrill will work to expand quality, affordable health care for working families across our state. She also opposes tax cuts for the wealthy and will protect your Medicare and Social Security, rejecting plans to cut or privatize either program.

“Right now, leaders in Congress refuse to work for New Jersey to address these concerns. From a tax bill that hits New Jersey harder than any other state, to the attempt to strip healthcare from 27,000 people in our community and attack Social Security and Medicare, to the lack of a serious infrastructure plan, they continue to pass legislation that hurts our state,” Sherrill says on her campaign website. “Our communities deserve new leadership in Congress – Representatives who will listen and make the tough decisions to improve our quality of life. We need to get back to a place where our leaders in Congress work together to move our country forward regardless of what side of the aisle they occupy.”

Meanwhile, her Republican opponent, Jay Webber, is endorsed by the Tea Party Patriots Citizen Fund and supports the repeal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). If given the opportunity, one can assume that he will vote in lockstep with his party to repeal the ACA.

Moreover, Sherrill believes in a woman’s right to choose and supports funding for Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood not only provides access to birth control, but also performs cancer screenings, testing and treatment for STDs, and pregnancy testing.

Conversely, Jay Webber would defund Planned Parenthood, offering instead the system of Medicare and Medicaid clinics run by the government. These clinics do not have the facilities or staff needed to handle an influx of patients.

How you vote is, of course, a personal decision. But before you vote on November 6th, we ask that you please take time to consider the issues that really matter to your family and our labor movement. Without a doubt, Mikie Sherrill is the right choice for working people.

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