New Jersey State AFL-CIO Endorsed Candidate Spotlight: Andy Kim

There’s only one choice in the 3rd Congressional District: Andy Kim. To vote any other way is to vote against the Labor Movement, against working families, and against everything that we stand for.

Andy Kim believes in serving working people, not corporations, and has pledged not to accept a dime from corporate PACs. As Congressman, his proprieties will include protecting Social Security, expanding retirement accounts, along with lowering healthcare and prescription drug costs.

Tom MacArthur, on the other hand, raises more money from corporations and special interests than from people. He showed his true colors when he wrote a health care bill that would have made it harder for New Jerseyans to get health care, especially those with pre-existing conditions like cancer and heart disease. He was also the only member of Congress from New Jersey to vote “Yes” on a tax bill that gave permanent tax cuts to corporations while creating temporary tax relief to Americans that will expire in a few years. 

Because MacArthur supported restrictions on State and Local Tax deductions, New Jersey home values are estimated to drop by 7.5 percent. Meanwhile, Tom MacArthur supported giving wealthy Americans like himself a $22.5 million tax exemption on their estates. This is unacceptable.

Unlike MacArthur, Andy Kim will prioritize the American worker. He knows that when workers win, America wins. As we invest in our future, we must remember that the foundation of our economy is the American worker. 

“We must provide workers at all levels and ages access to job training to help them get ahead and ensure that they stay competitive,” Kim said. “This means supporting unions, project labor agreements, a livable wage, safe work environments, and other critical initiatives that help American workers navigate the uncertainty.  Our workers deserve to thrive, not just survive.”

Andy Kim also wants to rebuild American infrastructure, thereby creating a new generation of jobs. 

“Our economy won’t succeed without the right infrastructure. Roads, bridges, tunnels, power grids, and ports across New Jersey and the country are crumbling and need to be rebuilt and maintained in a smart way,” Kim said. “We must also invest in our technology infrastructure to make sure that every community has affordable access to the high-speed internet connection that is vital to growing local economies.”

Make no mistake: The only way we can change Congress is by changing the types of people we elect. Our country is led by people like Tom MacArthur who are out of touch with the struggles that Americans face to pay their bills, provide for their families, and save for retirement. We must do better.

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