New Jersey State AFL-CIO Endorsed Candidate Spotlight: Donald Norcross

Born and raised in Southern New Jersey, Congressman Donald Norcross is committed to improving the lives of working families. His focus lies on raising wages and strengthening our economy, ensuring affordable access to a high-quality education, and supporting the brave men and women that protect our nation and our neighborhoods. 

Here, we take a look at the Congressman's top priorities.

Representing the American Worker

A member of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 351, Norcross has a long history of fighting for workers in South Jersey. He fought day in and day out to ensure workers had good-paying jobs as a labor-business agent and as president of the Southern New Jersey CLC, AFL-CIO. In the state legislature, he led the charge to increase New Jersey’s minimum wage and championed a groundbreaking effort to improve our economy and bring new, family-sustaining jobs to the region. Currently, as the only member of New Jersey’s congressional delegation on the House Committee on Education and the Workforce, Norcross is working to raise wages, protect the middle class, strengthen workplace protections, as well as advance paid leave and equal pay. He also serves on the House Armed Services Committee, supporting service members and veterans.

Improving Education

Norcross, a graduate of both Camden County College and a skilled apprenticeship program, knows we need to advance job-training programs in our country. He also fully understands the value of a quality, affordable education. In fact, as a member of the New Jersey Legislature, he played a key role in historic higher education reforms that established New Jersey as a research and medical education hub.

Opposing Tax Cuts for the Wealthy

Norcross voted “NO” on a Republican Tax Scam. He also vehemently opposed the plan in the media, calling for the middle class to take action.  “We need more jobs, higher wages and lower taxes. We don’t need the middle class paying for tax breaks for CEOs,” Norcross said. “This isn’t tax reform – it’s a tax scam.”

Expanding Access to Quality and Affordable Health Care.

Norcross knows that Social Security and Medicare are critical safety net programs that serve our nation’s most vulnerable. He will protect these programs and ensure their benefits meet the needs of American seniors. Recently, after the Trump administration harmed Garden State hospitals by reversing a longstanding policy, Norcross introduced a legislation to ensure New Jersey hospitals and healthcare facilities are properly reimbursed for services. “This is all about fairness for New Jersey families and making sure our state is not again crushed by another misguided Trump Administration policy,” Norcross said. “In South Jersey, our world-class hospital systems are growing and providing great care, but the Trump Administration wants to take away nearly $7 million that’s helping our most vulnerable families. There is no good reason why New Jersey’s hospitals and healthcare facilities should not receive their fair share of Medicare dollars and be able to fairly recruit their workforce. Our bill rightfully addresses equity in Medicare reimbursements and allows New Jersey’s hospitals to continue providing quality and affordable care.”

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