Need a Podiatrist? Consider a Union Doctor from OPEIU Guild 45


There is no shortage of union goods and services in New Jersey, and now you can add podiatrist to your shop union list. Podiatrists provide the vast majority of foot health care services in the United States, and we are proud to welcome the NJ Podiatric Medical Society to our union family as recent affiliates of OPEIU Guild 45.

The NJ Podiatric Medical Society has a vast network of podiatrists throughout New Jersey that you can browse HERE or on the New Jersey State AFL-CIO Shop Union page.

As union members, we understand the importance of solidarity and supporting the jobs and crafts of our brothers and sisters. We know that nothing beats union quality and that shopping union promotes good jobs and strong communities. 

Thank you as always for your solidarity, and be sure to keep our OPEIU brothers and sisters at the NJ Podiatric Medical Society in mind for your future health care needs.

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