Nabisco/Mondelez Shareholder Showdown


On May 17th, Nabisco parent company Mondelēz will hold its shareholders’ meeting in Chicago, IL. This is the city where the company decided to eliminate 600 good, middle-class jobs in order to outsource Oreo production to Mexico and exploit working families for $1 per hour.

However, this fight is far from over. We are not only fighting for the 600 workers who were betrayed by the company and deserve justice. We are also fighting for the workers employed by Nabisco in Fairlawn, NJ and for the millions of workers around the country whose employers might get the idea that it’s okay to destroy lives for the sake of profit.

As long as we continue to fight, our voices will be heard. Join us during the May 17th day of action by sharing a message of support on Twitter, which you can do by clicking HERE. If you don’t have a Twitter account, it only takes a minute to sign up.

As consumers and working families, we have the power to change the destructive and greedy business model of Mondelēz. This company has proven that it has no loyalty whatsoever to the workers who are responsible for the success of the business.

For more information on the #NabiscoShareholderShowdown please CLICK HERE. As always thank you for your solidarity and support.

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