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Tomorrow is Election Day - Vote: It’s Your Right, It’s Your Responsibility


Tomorrow is Election Day, and we encourage everyone to get out and vote. To find your polling location, please CLICK HERE. While there is no shortage of reasons to vote this year, here are a few compelling facts about this election:

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Here’s to Our Affiliates: You’re the Reason Our Labor Walks Happen


The New Jersey State AFL-CIO-sponsored 2014 Labor Walk Program is a success because of our affiliates, whose leaders and members understand that we can make a difference when we all work together.

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5 Days until the Showdown in NJ’s 5th, Elect Roy Cho – Every Vote Will Count

Self-serving politicians like Scott Garrett exemplify all that is wrong with Congress. Fortunately Scott Garrett’s extreme record is finally being recognized for what it really is. Garrett, the 12-year incumbent, adheres to a far-right ideology that is out of step with the constituents he was elected to represent. According to a recent Star-Ledger editorial, “he voted against putting child safety locks on guns. He wants to open the Jersey Shore to oil drilling. He wants to require schools to teach intelligent design alongside evolution.”

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NJ AFL-CIO Nonprofit Joins with Hudson County to Form Naturalization and Empowerment Center


The New Jersey State AFL-CIO Community Services Inc., a nonprofit agency of the state federation, has partnered with Hudson County to create the state’s first labor-led immigrant advocacy center, which will help thousands of legal immigrants achieve their American Dream of full citizenship and the right to vote.

The We Are One New Jersey Hudson County Center officially opened on Tuesday, October 28, 2014, with a kickoff ceremony attended by dozens of labor, political, civic and community leaders. Specifically, the center provides U.S. citizenship application assistance, including preparatory classes for the citizenship test, voter registration and education on workplace rights to residents of Hudson County at low- or no-cost.

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New Jersey State AFL-CIO Continues Push for Earned Sick Days, Assembly Labor Committee Votes to Advance Bill


The New Jersey State AFL-CIO sincerely thanks our affiliates, community partners, and many elected leaders who continue to make statewide earned sick days a top priority for our state. Today, the State Federation was proud to join with our progressive allies to offer testimony before the Assembly Labor Committee in support of the statewide earned sick days bill (A-2354). The bill was released by a vote of 6 to 3 which fell along party lines:

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The Reason our Labor Walk Program is the Most Successful in the Country Is YOU!


Whether it’s devoting lunch hours to assembling candidate packets or spending Saturday mornings knocking on union members’ doors to inform them about their choices in the upcoming election, our union volunteers are THE reason the New Jersey State AFL-CIO-sponsored Labor Walk Program is the most successful in the country.

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Election Day Volunteers Needed

Your efforts are essential for success at the polls on Election Day. Every union leader is strongly encouraged to provide volunteers for Election Day Get-Out-The-Vote.

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Christie says he is “Tired of Hearing about the Minimum Wage”

It gets harder every day to take Governor Christie seriously. His latest inflammatory comment that he is “tired of hearing about the minimum wage” further demonstrates how out of touch he is with low- and middle-income families.

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