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NJ AFL-CIO Partner Leads Drive for Earned Sick Days

The New Jersey State AFL-CIO, through its Working Families United for New Jersey (WFUNJ) coalition, strongly supports enactment of a statewide earned sick days law, which would create a uniform and humane standard so that no New Jersey worker is forced to choose between going to work sick or losing a day’s pay.

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Join to Support Earned Sick Leave Legislation In Committee on December 15th

There are few pieces of legislation as noncontroversial and straightforward as A-2354, which would guarantee earned sick leave to all New Jersey workers. However, in today’s political environment, not even a bill as basic as this is going to be passed without our concerted efforts.

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Tis the Season for Union-Made Holiday Gifts and Treats

The American consumer not only votes at the ballot box, but votes nearly every day with his or her wallet. In other words, like voting, how and where we spend our money can have a significant influence over our society and economy.

Therefore, be sure to check out Labor411’s Holiday Gift Guide for a listing of union made products for the holidays.

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Pension Board Chairs Sue Christie for Failing to Make Required Payments to the NJ Retirement System

The trustees for the state pension funds for teachers, public employees and police and firefighters have sued Gov. Chris Christie's administration for failing to make required payments into the state retirement system.

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Comprehensive effort needed to drive Atlantic City's recovery

New Jersey State AFL-CIO President Charles Wowkanech issued the following statement on Senate President Steve Sweeney’s and Sen. Jim Whelan’s Atlantic City fiscal stability legislation, which was introduced to help the ailing city and its residents recover from high unemployment and skyrocketing taxes as a result of multiple casino closings:

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Join to Support “Buy American” Legislation In Assembly Budget Committee this Thursday

A critical piece of legislation to support and create American jobs (A-3059) is scheduled for a hearing in the Assembly Budget Committee this Thursday, December 11, 2014. The bill would help increase domestic manufacturing in the United States and would create jobs for New Jersey workers. With our state suffering from high unemployment and a failure to recover from the jobs lost in the great recession, this is a common sense way to help American workers.

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Celebrate Thanksgiving in Solidarity with A Union-Made Meal

As we join together with our families and friends, to share a hearty meal and give thanks for all our blessings, we would like to wish everyone good health, prosperity and happiness this holiday season.

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Black Friday Walmart Protests: Demand Respect, Demand Justice


On Black Friday, brave Walmart employees will be joined in solidarity by thousands of union members to stand up to the insatiable greed of the world’s largest private employer and to demand a living wage and economic fairness.

The Walton family, which owns Walmart, has amassed more wealth than the bottom 42% of Americans combined, while the average Walmart employee earns only $8.80 per hour – not nearly enough to survive. Walmart’s theory is clear: why pay workers more when the company can use their billions in excess profits to further line the pockets of big money investors and corporate executives?

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