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NJ AFL-CIO Makes History with Record Number of Labor Candidates Elected; Democrats Expand Assembly Majority

Labor Delivers for Houghtaling (IBEW 400) and Downey in District 11


CLICK HERE for full election results.The New Jersey State AFL-CIO’s political education program is second to none, and the outstanding results of the November 3 election keep our momentum strong heading into the 2016 presidential race. We led union brothers and sisters to victories across the state, from school board and town council races to mayor, freeholder and state Assembly seats. A record 47 union members won their elections, a phenomenal win ratio of 73% for labor candidates on the ballot. No one delivers election results like our labor candidates program, which raised its total of election victories to 864!

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Our Labor Candidates Are Counting On You to Be a Voter


Tomorrow, November 3, is Election Day, your opportunity to have your voice heard on the issues that matter most. It’s also your chance to be a voter for fellow union members and progressive candidates who have been endorsed by the New Jersey State AFL-CIO. By voting for candidates who uphold our union values and work for middle-class families, we have a say in the future of our economy and the future of our families.

Polls are open from 6:00 a.m. till 8:00 p.m. Whether you vote before work, after work, or on your lunch break, make it a priority to be a voter.

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Election Day Victory is Within Our Reach


Election Day is Tuesday, November 3, and victory is within our reach for 67 union members running for office as well as dozens of other New Jersey State AFL-CIO-endorsed candidates. Thank you Central Labor Councils, Building Trades Councils, affiliates and volunteers for your hard work on behalf of New Jersey State AFL-CIO-endorsed candidates this election season. Our work is almost – but not quite – finished.

Control of the New Jersey Assembly will be decided on Tuesday, as well as seats on county freeholder boards, mayor’s offices, local councils and school boards. This is your chance to be a voter and make your voice heard.

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Wowkanech: U.S. Supreme Court Ruling to Impact Workers' Wages & Benefits


By Charles Wowkanech


A decision before next summer in a U.S. Supreme Court case you’ve probably never heard of has the power to significantly reduce employee earnings and compensation well into the future. The wealthy special-interest organizations financing the case have spent great sums to ensure that all workers earn lower pay, receive few if any retirement benefits and see their full-time jobs replaced with part-time work.

Right-wing billionaires like the Koch Brothers have partnered with Tea Party extremists and are reshaping the economy in their favor by making it even harder for working people like teachers, electricians, office workers and firefighters to get and stay ahead economically. This right-wing influence is making it harder every year for workers to join a union and negotiate wages and benefits that enable them to earn a decent living and build a better life.

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More than 1,000 Union Volunteers Join Us on Labor Walks Across the State

Working Families Benefit When Labor Candidates Win


Everyone deserves the opportunity to earn a decent living and provide a good life for themselves and their families. But, we see more and more working people struggling to do just that. Wall Street is raking in record profits, but fewer of those dollars are winding up in the wallets of middle-class workers like us.

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We Are One NJ Celebrates One Year of Providing a Pathway to Citizenship


In just one year, We Are One New Jersey has cemented its place in the community as the provider of no-cost assistance for the tens of thousands of legal permanent residents who live, work and attend school in Hudson County but have not yet completed their journey to U.S. citizenship.

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Labor Solidarity = Election Success


The unequaled success of the New Jersey State AFL-CIO’s labor candidates’ program shows that there is no limit to the results we can achieve when we all work together as a unified labor movement.

Solidarity among all sectors of labor is why we have attained 817 election victories by union candidates. Solidarity is the reason we have Rep. Donald Norcross, our IBEW 351 brother, representing our interests in Congress. It’s why we have union brothers and sisters looking out for us in the Statehouse, on freeholder and school boards, in mayor’s offices and on town councils throughout New Jersey. And, it’s why a record 67 rank-and-file union members are seeking elected offices this November 3rd.

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Video: Innovative New Technology Guides Labor Walks Into the Future


Our labor-to-labor political program, which is already the most successful program of its kind in the country, is undergoing an exciting new renovation. We invite you to learn about this powerful new tool that promises to make our labor walks easier and more efficient for union volunteers and quicker and more effective for those analyzing the data.

Please take 90 seconds to see the new technology we’re so excited to introduce.

As you can see, we are using cutting-edge smart-phone technology to guide our labor walks into the future. It’s another way that we are harnessing the power of the labor movement by revolutionizing ways to get out the union vote


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