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In the Spirit of Solidarity: Have a Happy Holiday and New Year


On behalf of all our union brothers and sisters, and in the spirit of solidarity, we would like to wish you and your family a happy, healthy, and safe holiday and New Year.

We thank all of you for your unwavering support. As we enter 2015, we know that in our unity, strength, and solidarity, we will prevail. May the joy of the holiday season bring you and your family peace and happiness.


Assembly Sends ‘Buy American’ Bills to Christie on Mostly Party-line Votes

The New Jersey Legislature wrapped up 2014 with voting sessions in the Senate and Assembly. Here is a summary of Thursday’s legislative action:

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Wowkanech: Christie Wins, Taxpayers Lose on Lottery Privatization Deal

The op-ed below was published on

Gov. Chris Christie often talks about the need for transparency in government. He frequently points to his own administration as an example of how to carry out the functions of government in a forthcoming and above-board manner. Why, then, has the governor vetoed a bill that establishes oversight for deals that privatize government services?

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Urge Your Legislator to Vote Yes on 'Buy American' Bills, Privatization Oversight

Thursday, Dec. 18th, will be a busy day at the New Jersey Statehouse. The state Senate and Assembly are both wrapping up 2014 with lengthy voting sessions. We ask that you check out the bills scheduled for floor votes, and contact your legislator (by clicking the links below) to support the pro-working families proposals that we have been working hard to enact:

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Earned Sick Leave Bill Clears Assembly Budget Committee

Representatives of the New Jersey State AFL-CIO and its non-profit partner Working Families United for New Jersey (WFUNJ) testified in support of a statewide earned sick leave bill on Monday. The bill (A-2354) later cleared committee on a mostly party-line vote.

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"Buy America" Legislation Clears Committee but Continued Action Essential to Ensure Assembly Passage


Today, the "Buy America" bill (A-3059) advanced out of the Assembly Budget Committee by a party line vote of 8 to 4. We anticipate that a full Assembly vote will take place as soon as next week on this bill as well as four complimentary pieces of “Buy America” legislation. In order to ensure passage of this package, your voice will be essential.

CLICK HERE to send a direct message to your legislators letting them know that you are counting on them to support "Buy America" legislation, which would create much needed New Jersey jobs and spur economic growth for the region.

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NJ AFL-CIO Partner Leads Drive for Earned Sick Days

The New Jersey State AFL-CIO, through its Working Families United for New Jersey (WFUNJ) coalition, strongly supports enactment of a statewide earned sick days law, which would create a uniform and humane standard so that no New Jersey worker is forced to choose between going to work sick or losing a day’s pay.

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Join to Support Earned Sick Leave Legislation In Committee on December 15th

There are few pieces of legislation as noncontroversial and straightforward as A-2354, which would guarantee earned sick leave to all New Jersey workers. However, in today’s political environment, not even a bill as basic as this is going to be passed without our concerted efforts.

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Tis the Season for Union-Made Holiday Gifts and Treats

The American consumer not only votes at the ballot box, but votes nearly every day with his or her wallet. In other words, like voting, how and where we spend our money can have a significant influence over our society and economy.

Therefore, be sure to check out Labor411’s Holiday Gift Guide for a listing of union made products for the holidays.

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Pension Board Chairs Sue Christie for Failing to Make Required Payments to the NJ Retirement System

The trustees for the state pension funds for teachers, public employees and police and firefighters have sued Gov. Chris Christie's administration for failing to make required payments into the state retirement system.

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