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New Jersey State AFL-CIO Stands with Wisconsin Families to Defeat “Right to Work”


The New Jersey labor movement is proud to lend crucial support to Wisconsin’s working families, who are engaged in an epic battle against the infamously anti-union “Right to Work” bill being supported by Governor Scott Walker and legislative leadership.

Last night, New Jersey union members from ATU, BAC, CWA, IFPTE, IUPAT, and OPEIU took to the phones, contacting Wisconsin residents and connecting them directly to their state senators in order to oppose “Right to Work”.

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We Can't Afford Global Giveaways on Trade

The trade policies of the United States are undermining the interests of working men and women. Trade negotiations known as “Fast Track” or Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) are bad for democracy and bad for American workers and their families. Fast-tracked trade deals weaken our communities, erode our cities and towns, and hurt our state. That’s why the AFL-CIO strongly opposes President Obama’s call to renew his ability to negotiate international trade deals in secret, leaving Congress with a single up-or-down vote on the deal.

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Christie Mum on State's Pressing Economic Problems


In his budget address, Gov. Christie took yet another swipe at his favorite target – public-sector workers – while remaining silent on some of the most serious problems facing our state. Roads and bridges are crumbling and the state is out of money to fix them. Our state ranks 49th out of 50 in job growth and a quarter of casino workers have been laid off, yet the state lacks a comprehensive plan to create jobs. Atlantic City has been devastated by casino closings, soaring property taxes and home foreclosures, but there is no plan to save this vital economic engine. Many of our largest cities and poorest communities continue to struggle without any revitalization plan. College costs are unaffordable for many, yet the governor has not addressed this inequity. It costs taxpayers more when the state borrows money, but Gov. Christie has taken no concrete steps to stop the record number of credit downgrades that have occurred on his watch.

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NJ State AFL-CIO Lauds Ruling in Christie Pension Suit

Gov. Christie used the bragging rights from the 2011 pension reforms to raise his national profile and further his political career – while refusing to uphold his end of the deal.

The governor continued to skimp on the state’s required pension payments, knowing he was breaking his own law, showing callous disregard for the long-term solvency of the retirement system and daring someone to challenge him.

The New Jersey State AFLCIO and several public employee unions sued, and today won a hard-fought victory, with Gov. Christie being ordered by Superior Court Judge Mary Jacobson to reinstate the $1.6 billion cut he made to the state’s pension payment.

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URGENT: Call on Congress to Oppose Fast Track


Congress is considering a bill that is bad for democracy, bad for workers, and would effectively put global corporations in charge of writing our trade deals. The threat this legislation poses to working families cannot be understated; its impact would be drastic and devastating.

CLICK HERE to forward a message to your members of Congress now, urging them to oppose Fast Track.

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NJ AFL-CIO Supports Concept of Patient-Centered Health Care

After briefing the New Jersey State AFL-CIO and its affiliated unions on Thursday, Senate President Stephen Sweeney unveiled plans to pilot a new, patient-centered health care delivery system in select regions of the state.

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Christie Welcomes Chinese Ambassador as NJ Trade Deficit Mushrooms

As Gov. Christie welcomed Chinese Ambassador Cui Tiankai to the Statehouse on Wednesday, it was obvious that the governor was serving his own political interests rather than those of the New Jersey workers he was elected to represent.

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National Fast Track Lobby Day, March 4

Urge Members of Congress to Put the Brakes on This Runaway Legislation

The national AFL-CIO recently advised us that President Obama is lobbying members of Congress on both sides of the aisle to support Fast Track legislation, and the vote is expected to be close. Your participation in the AFL-CIO’s National Lobby Day on March 4, 2015 is necessary to defeat Fast Track and keep jobs in our state and in our country.

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AFSCME President Saunders: Unions Built Middle Class, and They Can Rebuild It

In his recent op-ed, AFSCME General President Lee Saunders, makes it clear that unions and their progressive community allies are the key to rebuilding our nation’s middle class. Trickle-down economics has proven time and time again to be an abject failure, and it is time for us to return to the proven strategy of building our middle class from the ground up. That job begins with workers, their unions, and many progressive grassroots partners.

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URGENT: Tell Congress to Oppose Fast Track, Call 1-855-712-8441 Now!


Congress is considering a bill that is bad for democracy, bad for workers, and would effectively put global corporations in charge of writing our trade deals. The threat this legislation poses to working families cannot be understated; its impact would be drastic and devastating.

Please call your members of Congress right now at 1-855-712-8441, and urge them to oppose Fast Track because it undermines our democracy and American workers.

To find your members of Congress, please CLICK HERE.

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