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Op-Ed: Fight to Close the Wage Gap Continues


Today is Equal Pay Day, but rather than being a day to celebrate, it is a reminder of the continued work that is needed to reduce the wage gap between men and women in our country. Congressman Donald Norcross, our union brother, is an unwavering advocate for pay equity, and we encourage you to read and share his below op-ed, reinforcing the need to address wage inequality.

As you will read, this is not just a women’s issue, this is an issue that impacts our families as a whole. There are commonsense steps we can take right now to close the pay gap, and we are committed to working with our steadfast allies like Congressman Norcross to achieve justice.

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Call 844-899-9913 to Oppose Gorsuch Nomination to Supreme Court

Just as Trump’s health care plan would have been a disaster for the country, his choice of Neil Gorsuch to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court poses a similar threat to all working families. Call 844-899-9913 now and urge your U.S. Senators to oppose the nomination of Neil Gorsuch to the U.S. Supreme Court.

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Labor & Atlantic City Community Come Together to Defend Public Safety


This past Saturday, March 25th, Atlantic City’s concerned community came together to raise awareness of the public safety issue the city faces. The New Jersey State AFL-CIO and our affiliates, alongside Atlantic City’s firefighters, police officers, and community activists, handed out flyers to visitors at the Boardwalk to warn them about drastic budget cuts to public safety departments. Together, with our brothers and sisters in public safety, we discussed the impact of budget cuts with patrons of the boardwalk and how critical it is that they contact their state legislator to fund public safety in the city.

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TrumpCare Defeat a Win for Working Families

In one of the first major showdowns between working families and the regressive White House agenda, the people claimed victory. Your solidarity is what made the critical difference. When first introduced, most Republicans fell in line with their party. But by writing, calling, and pressuring Congress to vote “No”, working families made their voices heard. One by one Congressional support dwindled, ultimately resulting in the bill being pulled. Once again, this would not have been possible without the persistent and united efforts of the labor movement and its community allies.

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Call Now to Defeat TrumpCare: 866-829-3298

As Speaker Paul Ryan scrambles to round up votes, Trump is making a last ditch effort to revive his health care bill. They are on the ropes, and we need to finish the job we started and stop this bill. Call 866-829-3298 now and urge your Representative to stand with working families and oppose AHCA.

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Congratulations to RWDSU 108 on Pavilion Contract Victory


RWDSU 108 has secured a first contract for workers in Pavilion Building Maintenance in Newark. The Pavilion Building has changed management contractors multiple times, constantly treating the employees that stayed as new hires with shifting wages and benefits. The new contract gives them a steady wage and addresses the safety concerns of the workers that keep the building running. These workers will also have consistent health benefits, regardless of which building contractors come and go.

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UPDATE: Health Care Vote Postponed

We have gotten word that the House vote on Trump’s health care bill, originally scheduled for today has been postponed. While our fight continues, we wanted to take a moment to say thank you for all of your efforts to make this possible.

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Solidarity Alert: Join for Saturday Leafleting to Support AC Public Safety

The state has proposed drastic cuts to police and fire departments in Atlantic City that pose a threat to public safety, jobs, and the city’s economic recovery. We therefore call on all our brothers and sisters to join us in the fight for Atlantic City’s future by taking part in a leafleting action this Saturday. Details are as follows:

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