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Young Workers to Stream Clinton/Trump Debate Online


We all know that the best way to watch a presidential debate is with your friends, from the comfort of your own home. The New Jersey State AFL-CIO Young Workers program has come up with a way for young workers to do just that.

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New Jersey State AFL-CIO Leads the Way into Labor 2016 with Smartphone Assisted Labor Walks


This election cycle will be unlike any other in recent memory for several reasons. First, the New Jersey State AFL-CIO is propelling state labor walks into the future, using a smartphone app called MiniVAN. This app does away with the paper walk packets of old, replacing them with a smartphone-based map that volunteers can use to conduct their labor walks. We thank the 112 union volunteers who took part in today’s labor walks and look forward to your ongoing support to implement this new system.

CLICK HERE for pictures.

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Stop the TPP: Call Congress Now to Demand Action 1-855-712-8441


Multinational corporations and right-wing congressional leaders are trying to pass the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) – an awful backroom trade deal that will put Americans out of work, degrade environmental protections, and increase prescription drug prices. If that weren’t bad enough, proponents want a vote to take place during “lame duck” to avoid public scrutiny.

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Take Action: Urge the NJ Assembly to Extend Unemployment Benefits to Striking Workers

Assembly Labor Committee Votes to Release Bill 6 to 2 


The decision to go on strike is a matter of having no other choice. In order to protect workers who are forced out on strike, we ask that you send a message right now to your state Assembly members, asking them to support A-3819, which provides unemployment benefits to strikers and is anticipated to be voted on in the coming days.

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AFT Contract Victories Achieved with Community Support


The New Jersey State AFL-CIO congratulates our AFT brothers and sisters for their newly secured contracts and their ongoing commitment to their communities and students.

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Register to Vote Before the Deadline: October 18, 2016


Election Day is closer than you think; we will soon head to the polls – that is of course if you are registered to vote. If you are not registered already, you must do so before the deadline of Tuesday, October 18, 2016.

Check your voter registration status HERE or complete your voter registration form HERE.

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Training Readies Union Volunteers to Coordinate MiniVAN Labor Walks


Earlier this year, the New Jersey State AFL-CIO became the first in the nation to roll out the MiniVAN smartphone app for its labor walks statewide. Working throughout the summer, we continue to lay the groundwork so that we can achieve fully digital labor walks every weekend through Election Day.

CLICK HERE for photos.

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Strong unions still vital to protecting workers


If you're someone who believes that unions are not as important as they once were, it's time to reconsider. It's not just a coincidence that the drop in union membership over the last 50 years corresponds directly with a decline in the middle class' share of national income.

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Labor Day 2016: Building a Prosperous Future for All


Labor Day is a celebration of the work we do as well as having jobs that work to support our families and communities. Since their dawn in America, labor unions have been focused on these two overarching goals. While much progress has been made, our work will continue until every job affords workers the dignity and respect they deserve.

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NJ AFL-CIO Responds to Christie Veto of $15 Minimum Wage

“Governor Christie’s veto of a phased in $15 minimum wage is sadly not surprising given his endorsement of Donald Trump, who has said that ‘wages are too high’,” stated New Jersey State AFL-CIO President Charles Wowkanech. “This is yet another example of the Governor putting politics before the best interests of our state.”

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