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Anniversary of the 19th Amendment: Having a Voice through Voting

19th_Amendment_Ratification_Signing.jpgToday, August 18th, is the 97th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th amendment. This amendment, which gives women the right to vote, was nicknamed the Anthony Amendment after Susan B. Anthony. Though she is famous for fighting for women’s suffrage, she originally became an activist to fight for abolition and equal pay. It wasn’t until she spoke at the U.S. National Council of Women that she explained, "I wasn't ready to vote, didn't want to vote, but I did want equal pay for equal work." She realized that the key to affecting any change was having a voice through voting.

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New Jersey State AFL-CIO Op-Ed Takes on the Right-to-Work Fallacy


21st Annual Labor Candidates School Primes Union Member Office Seekers for Success in Crucial 2017 Election


As the New Jersey State AFL-CIO Labor Candidates School marks its 21st year, we are proud to congratulate this year’s graduating class of 33 rank-and-file union members, who will be running for offices across our state from the municipal to county level. In addition, there are 23 Labor Candidates School alumni, who will seek reelection to office this year, including seven members of the State Legislature.

For photos of this year’s class, please CLICK HERE.

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Statement by New Jersey State AFL-CIO on Domestic Terror in Charlottesville, Virginia

As the nation begins to heal from the vicious act of terror committed in Charlottesville, we will keep in our hearts the memory of those who were injured or lost their lives. Those who stood up against the hatred and bigotry of white supremacists and intolerance of any kind, demonstrate the true values of this nation. Those who carry the banner of hate, bear the responsibility of this tragedy, and must be unequivocally condemned. We have come too far as a nation to turn back.



Congressional Panel Brings Together Legislators and Labor, Discusses Future of Wages and Work

The New Jersey State AFL-CIO was proud to join our union brother and congressman, Honorable Donald Norcross, for a panel discussion that focused on how to improve the lives of all working families through legislative and political action. The panel featured several members of Congress, and we thank our many affiliates, who joined to participate in the discussion.

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Join for Labor/Community Forum Featuring Phil Murphy


Gubernatorial candidate Phil Murphy will join for a labor/community forum sponsored by our CWA 1036 brothers and sisters and the Burlington Central Labor Council. There is no better time than right now to discuss the issues critical to you and your family, and we invite you to join for what will be a proactive and insightful discussion.

RSVP is required, and admission to the event is free. Please see below for details:

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Back Pay Bill Passes Assembly, Awaits Governor’s Approval

Bill Concerning Early Retirement in Atlantic City Advances 

Thanks to the solidarity of the New Jersey State AFL-CIO and affiliate unions, A-18/S-3422, a bill that would provide back pay to state workers, who were locked out of their jobs during the state shutdown, was passed today by the state Assembly. Having previously cleared the Senate earlier this month, the Governor had said that he intends to sign the bill into law.

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Solidarity Alert: Various Pearle Vision Locations Seek to Bust Unions

It has been brought to our attention that union workers, represented by RWDSU Local 108, at numerous Pearl Vision stores are being targeted and unjustly fired so that management can avoid bargaining a fair contract.

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