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Union Members Walk for Working Families! 17 Days Left Until Election

New Jersey State AFL-CIO affiliated unions and Central Labor Councils were out again this Saturday in full force. This Saturday 1,520 union members walked to support labor endorsed candidates who are running for office.

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Everything seems to be political these days – from amount of the wages we earn, to the type of health care our families are covered by, to the cleanliness of the water we drink, to the quality of education our children receive in public schools. Our elected officials make decisions every day that impact our lives, our communities and our families’ quality of life.

That’s why it’s so important for us to hold them accountable and work on behalf of those elected officials that share our values. 

The labor movement’s strength and solidarity was on full display today as 1,282 union members went door-to-door to talk to fellow union members about the importance of voting for endorsed candidates. Every sector of the labor movement – from the building and construction trades, to public employees, to health care, service sector, manufacturing, transportation, education and many more, all worked in solidarity to elect New Jersey State AFL-CIO endorsed candidates and 67 labor candidates.

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New Jersey State AFL-CIO affiliated unions and Central Labor Councils continued their door-to-door campaign on behalf of endorsed candidates this weekend as over 1,085 union members worked to increase awareness of who labor's endorsed candidates are and to increase voter turnout for this year’s election among fellow union members.

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WILD Conference 2020

The New Jersey State AFL-CIO is proud to announce the 17th Annual Women in Leadership Development (WILD) Conference will take place at the Hilton East Brunswick from March 13-14, 2020. This year’s conference will offer new and enlightening insights into building leadership skills, women’s labor history, and the fight for our economic future.

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For the third Saturday in a row, union members across the state are knocking on the doors of fellow union sisters and brothers to inform them about this year’s endorsed candidates for State Assembly and pro-labor down ballot candidates. We have 67 union members who are on the ballot this year along with the entire Assembly and one Senate race.

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Labor Walks: The Key To Building Worker Power

For the second Saturday in a row, union members across the state are reaching out to thousands of union sisters and brothers who will vote by mail.  While the window to reach VBM members is limited, our efforts are boundless.  Every VBM member who is reached is a member who is informed and knowledgeable.  Our COPE program is working to educate our members who are taking advantage of the VBM legislation that the New Jersey State AFL-CIO fought to enact and data shows a steady increase in the number of VBM voters.  Therefore it is essential that we encourage and educate those voters in a timely fashion.

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Gov. Murphy Signs Law Enhancing NJ’s VBM Program

On Wednesday, August 28, Gov. Murphy signed into law a bill clarifying a previous piece of legislation that dealt with enrollment in the state’s vote by mail (VBM) program.

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American Labor Museum to Honor IBEW Local 827 at Labor Day Parade

We are proud to announce that on Sunday, September 1st, the American Labor Museum will be honoring IBEW Local 827 and their members at the 2019 Labor Day Parade in Haledon, New Jersey.  This is an honor for Local 827 and all union members.

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