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Call Now to Defeat TrumpCare: 866-829-3298

As Speaker Paul Ryan scrambles to round up votes, Trump is making a last ditch effort to revive his health care bill. They are on the ropes, and we need to finish the job we started and stop this bill. Call 866-829-3298 now and urge your Representative to stand with working families and oppose AHCA.

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Congratulations to RWDSU 108 on Pavilion Contract Victory


RWDSU 108 has secured a first contract for workers in Pavilion Building Maintenance in Newark. The Pavilion Building has changed management contractors multiple times, constantly treating the employees that stayed as new hires with shifting wages and benefits. The new contract gives them a steady wage and addresses the safety concerns of the workers that keep the building running. These workers will also have consistent health benefits, regardless of which building contractors come and go.

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UPDATE: Health Care Vote Postponed

We have gotten word that the House vote on Trump’s health care bill, originally scheduled for today has been postponed. While our fight continues, we wanted to take a moment to say thank you for all of your efforts to make this possible.

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Solidarity Alert: Join for Saturday Leafleting to Support AC Public Safety

The state has proposed drastic cuts to police and fire departments in Atlantic City that pose a threat to public safety, jobs, and the city’s economic recovery. We therefore call on all our brothers and sisters to join us in the fight for Atlantic City’s future by taking part in a leafleting action this Saturday. Details are as follows:

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Take Action to Oppose House Attack on Health Care

Trump’s health care bill is a disaster in the making. With the U.S. House set to vote tomorrow, we need everyone to contact their Representative and urge them to vote no. CLICK HERE to take action now.

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This Week in Washington: Supreme Court, DOL, and Health Care in Focus


Monday and Tuesday brought back-to-back hearings in the Senate to consider the nomination of Neil Gorsuch to the U.S. Supreme Court. Working people are listening closely to see if he will be a justice who respects the importance of laws and protections working people need on the job.

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VIDEO: Labor and Community Allies Launch Campaign to Keep AC Safe


The New Jersey State AFL-CIO joined with its labor and community coalition partners last Friday to host a press conference and announce the launch of a project called “Don’t Gamble on Safety AC”. CLICK HERE to help keep Atlantic City safe, and be sure to watch and share the video from this event.

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OP-ED: State priorities wrong in A.C. spending cuts

When the word “bankruptcy” got inserted into the public conversation about Atlantic City about a year ago, elected officials outside of Atlantic City started to pay attention. They didn’t pay attention to local elected leaders, because they knew they wouldn’t have to. The law the governor and Legislature were about to pass stripped away much of the mayor’s and City Council’s governing authority. They didn’t pay attention to city residents either — because their ability to oppose measures via voter referendum would also be stripped away by the new law.

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Take Action to Stop Disastrous Trump Health Plan

The number of ways that Trump’s health care plan takes us backwards is hard to fathom. As the Congressional Budget Office estimates, the plan would take health care coverage away from 24 million people. Additionally, Trump’s plan would slash Medicare and Medicaid funding, making insurance less affordable for working middle and low income families. The effect of cutting Medicaid funding to states would have profound implications on New Jersey’s budget.

CLICK HERE to send a message to your members of Congress urging them to oppose Trump’s disastrous health care plan.

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Atlantic City Community Advocates Launch Public Awareness Campaign Regarding Significant Cuts to Public Safety


A coalition of community advocates today announced the launch of a public awareness campaign regarding the significant public safety cuts being pursued by state officials due to the takeover of Atlantic City’s finances.

“Under the guise of fiscal austerity, the safety of the public and visitors to Atlantic City is being gambled on,” said Matt Rogers, President of Atlantic City PBA Local 24.  “We are struggling to keep up with an opioid & heroin epidemic and its related increase in violence. These cuts will only make it worse” he concluded.

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