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Mobilize in the Fight for Collective Bargaining Rights

National Workers’ Day of Action this Saturday, Feb. 24th

Labor_SCOTUS_Rally.jpgThe full strength of the labor movement is needed to stop the attacks on collective bargaining rights. This Saturday, all across the country, union members, community allies, and working families will make their voices heard as part of the nationwide Workers’ Day of Action. But this is about more than one day of activism. We need to mobilize, organize, and engage everyday to stand up for our right to collectively bargain.

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Labor & Faith: Honoring 5th Anniversary of Francis Papacy

Discussion with Gov. Murphy, Cardinal Tobin, AFL-CIO Pres. Trumka

The New Jersey State AFL-CIO is privileged to invite our affiliates and their families to a special discussion on labor and faith to honor the five year anniversary of Pope Francis. The event will feature Archbishop of Newark Cardinal Joseph Tobin, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, and national AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka.

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New Jersey State AFL-CIO 22nd Annual Labor Candidates School

The New Jersey State AFL-CIO runs the most successful Labor Candidates Program in the country. Since its inception, 968 union members have been elected to offices as diverse as U.S. Congress, state Senate and Assembly, on County Freeholder Boards, in our towns as Mayors, Aldermen, Committee and Council Members, Fire Commissioners and on School Boards across the state. These victories have made life better for all working people in New Jersey by advancing pro-worker causes at every level of government.

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National Day of Action to Support Collective Bargaining Rights

Day_of_Action_Logos_Main-01.jpgCollective bargaining rights are under attack, and we call on all working families to mobilize and make their voices heard during our national day of action on Saturday, February 24th. The national AFL-CIO has designated 14 target cities, including New York City and Philadelphia, where we will rally in order to maximize our collective voice.

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New Jersey State AFL-CIO Celebrates Black History Month


While our nation has come a long way, there is still much for all of us to learn about race and the value of diversity. The New Jersey State AFL-CIO is proud to commemorate Black History Month, and remains as dedicated as ever towards ensuring a history as well as a future that is inclusive and celebrates the achievements of our African American brothers and sisters.

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Join the Women’s March on NJ

Womens_March_on_NJ.jpgOrganized labor will join together with its progressive community partners to continue the march towards social equality and economic justice for all. Last year marked a turning point for our nation in terms of gender equality, and we cannot turn back now. All people have the right to dignity, security, and respect, and together we will march to secure this future.

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NJ AFL-CIO Praises Gov. Murphy on Equal Pay Order

Equal_Pay_01-06-18_(8).JPGTRENTON – Marking one of his first actions in office, Governor Murphy signed an executive order, promoting equal pay for equal work for women. The New Jersey State AFL-CIO released the following statement following the announcement:

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Carry on Dr. King’s Fight for Collective Bargaining in Face of Janus Threat

“Working People’s Day of Action” Feb. 24, 2018

As we commemorate Martin Luther King Day, we are reminded not only of Dr. King’s historic achievements in terms of civil rights, but also recognize his deep commitment to workers’ rights. In 1968, Dr. King went to Memphis, TN to stand with African American sanitation workers fighting for their right to a voice on the job.

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