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House Passes Deceptive Overtime Rule in Latest Attack on Workers’ Rights

On its surface it may seem harmless, but a House bill modifying overtime rules would mean lower wages and more headaches for workers. At a time when working families are struggling to make ends meet, this type of out-of-touch representation is shameful.

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International Workers Day: Labor Lights Path to Citizenship for Thousands of New Jerseyans


May 1st is International Workers Day. More than 10 million people across the country are expected to take to the streets to demand justice for working people and immigrants. The rules of trade and outdated immigration policies have put profit over people for too long, and the New Jersey State AFL-CIO continues to stand strong with our brothers and sisters in pursuit of justice.

The New Jersey State AFL-CIO realizes that our efforts must extend beyond a single day of action and is a leader in the fight for immigrant rights in our state. Through a collaborative project with Hudson and Union County governments, the New Jersey State AFL-CIO spearheaded the creation of We Are One NJ, Inc., a non-profit organization that provides support services to legal permanent residents seeking to attain U.S. citizenship.

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Workers Memorial Day: The Right to a Safe Job


Every year on April 28th, we take the time to honor workers who have lost their lives on the job and renew our commitment to fighting for every worker’s right to a safe, fair-paying job.

In the past we have won new protections for workers. When mine workers struggled with exposure to silica dust and beryllium, damaging their lungs and leading to cancer, we won new rules to limit exposure for mine workers and protect them from retaliation after reporting injuries and illness from job conditions.

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Trump Tax Proposal, Health Care Amendment Pose Threat to Workers

It’s important to know what’s going on in Washington because the decisions made there affect all of us. There has been a flurry of activity since Congress returned from its recess, and we must remain vigilant in the fight to defend our livelihoods. Two of the top issues confronting working families are Trump’s reckless tax proposal and Congressman MacArthur’s health care amendment. The onslaught of information is intended to trip us up, but we’re not going to let them pull the wool over our eyes. The below list provides highlights of how these proposals may impact us so that we can stay informed and defend our economic future.

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Call Now to Defeat Amendment to AHCA (Trump/Ryan care) Legislation

House Could Vote on Revised Health Care Bill as Early as Tomorrow (Thursday, April 27, 2017)

Adding insult to injury, the House is developing an alternative to the recently failed attempt to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act that is WORSE for working families than the original bill.

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Tell Congress to Pass the Miners Protection Act

Call Now: 1-855-976-9914


This week is the last chance for Congress to pass the Miners Protection Act, which will continue to provide the healthcare benefits and pensions for retired miners made vulnerable by corporate bankruptcies and the financial crisis.

The United States government made a promise to mineworkers in 1947 guaranteeing their healthcare and retirement due to the dangerous and essential nature of their work.  If Congress fails to act by April 28, more than 22,000 retired coal miners will lose their healthcare benefits and livelihoods.

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Act Now to Stop Attacks on Federal Overtime Rules

The latest debacle in Washington threatens to hit workers in the wallet with House leadership seeking to undermine federal overtime rules. The bill – misleadingly called the “Working Families Flexibility Act” (H.R. 1180) – offers working people a false choice between time off and money.

CLICK HERE to send a message to your member of Congress, asking him or her to oppose H.R. 1180 which is an attack on workers and their overtime benefits.

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NAACP Pres. Brooks, Labor & Community Allies Oppose AC Takeover


ATLANTIC CITY – While Governor Christie is in town for the ground breaking at the new Stockton Campus, local residents, workers, faith & civil rights leaders held a press conference to send a message to him that the state takeover has a significant negative impact on a host of issues impacting Atlantic City.

“Privatization has a long history of failing workers and taxpayers in New Jersey” said NJ State AFL-CIO President Charles Wowkanech.  “Time and time again, whether it’s the privatization of the State Lottery, the DMV or auto inspections, the road of privatization contracts “gone bad” is a long one.  The privatization of the Atlantic City Municipal Utilities Authority (MUA) would bring with it traditional “reforms” such as immediate reduction in workers’ wages and benefits. And although privatization often promises minor savings up front as an enticement to enter into the contract, in the long term, taxpayer costs and user fees are increased and services are reduced” concluded Wowkanech.

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Reminder: Coalition Press Conference Against State Takeover of Atlantic City

NAACP National President Cornell Brooks will Join Labor & Community Allies

The negative impact of the state takeover in Atlantic City is drastically impacting workers, residents, and businesses. We have already seen the state pursue drastic cuts to public safety, including police and firefighters. Now, the looming threat of privatization at the Municipal Utilities Authority threatens to undermine services further. Simply stated, the harsh realities of the misguided state takeover of Atlantic C­ity are setting in and growing.

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Congratulations Hotel Trades Council on Recent Organizing Victories


In need of a union hotel in central or northern New Jersey? There are now plenty of options to choose from thanks to the recent organizing victories of the Hotel Trades Council. We have added these newly organized locations to the New Jersey State AFL-CIO shop union page, which includes a complete list of hotels and other services.

By booking union, you won’t just receive top-of-the-line hospitality services, you’ll also be supporting good jobs that build stronger communities. The Hotel Trades Council is doing great work to uplift and empower our state’s working families, and the New Jersey State AFL-CIO is proud to recognize their ongoing success and welcome our new brothers and sisters from the following locations to our union family:

  • Hampton Inn Mahwah
  • Hyatt Morristown
  • Embassy Suites Parsippany
  • Wyndham Hamilton Park
  • Candlewood Suites Parsippany
  • Sheraton Parsippany
  • Candlewood Suites Jersey City
  • Hyatt Regency Jersey City
  • Embassy Suites Secaucus
  • Courtyard Newark Airport
  • Springhill Suites Newark Airport
  • Courtyard Newark Downtown
  • Residence Inn Newark Elizabeth
  • Courtyard Newark Elizabeth
  • Hilton Newark Airport
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