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Labor Walks the Walk


What separates the labor movement from everybody else? It’s simple: we do the work. Whether it’s on the job or on the campaign trail, we dedicate the energy needed to get results. We know it’s not easy balancing work, family, and other obligations, but at the same time, we rise to the occasion when called upon.

We'd like to specifically recognize the Bergen County CLC for an outstanding turnout of volunteers this Saturday, which provided a warm welcome to Phil Murphy, who visited before union members hit the streets on behalf of the Murphy/Oliver team and a slate of endorsed working family champions.

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Join Sheila Oliver at Saturday Labor Walks

We are proud to share with you Speaker Oliver’s scheduled visits at four upcoming labor walks, which you can find below. Earlier this week, we also provided a list of walks that Phil Murphy plans to attend, which you can find HERE.

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First Meeting of Morris CLC Builds Labor Solidarity

Morris CLC Development Committee

Unite, organize, and win! This is the formula that labor has followed since its founding. With the first meeting of the Morris CLC held last night, we are proud to recognize the commitment of local unions to our roots of growing the labor movement through our solidarity.

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IMPORTANT: Change to Hudson Labor Walk Location

For this Saturday only, September 30, 2017, please note that the Hudson County CLC labor walk will be staged from the following location:

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Join Phil Murphy at Saturday Labor Walks


The labor movement will be there for Phil Murphy on Election Day, and we have the opportunity to show him what union solidarity looks like when he joins us for labor walks on September 30th and October 14th. Be sure to arrive no later than 8:00 a.m. so that there is time to check-in and meet with Ambassador Murphy, who will no doubt want to thank you for all the work you are doing to bring working family values to New Jersey government.

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Start Your Saturday in Solidarity


“In solidarity” isn’t just a phrase used to end a letter. It’s the initiative we take to uphold our values, the energy we dedicate in the fight for all workers, and the drive that pushes our movement forward. In short, solidarity is hard work. Therefore, we thank the many volunteers who took the time this Saturday to show their solidarity as we work towards a victory on Election Day, now only 45 days away.

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Let’s Labor Walk to Victory


We’ve all heard the saying: slow and steady wins the race. Well, the same can be said for political campaigns. Elections aren’t won by waiting until the last couple of weeks to get involved. Instead, victory is built on months of hard work leading up to Election Day.

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Trumpcare Rises From the Dead Again

Immediate action is once again needed to put Trumpcare back in the ground where it belongs. This version is just as much a disaster as the last. It once again strips coverage from millions of people, raises costs on seniors as well as on those who need care the most. New Jersey would also be among the hardest hit states.

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Join us in Newark for a Debate Rally/Watch Party


The New Jersey State AFL-CIO welcomes our affiliates to join us in Newark to show support for our endorsed gubernatorial candidate, Phil Murphy, who will face off against Kim Guadagno in the first of two scheduled debates on October 10th at 7:00 p.m. at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center.

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Norcross, Watson Coleman Serve as Co-Chairs in “Jobs for America” Effort


The New Jersey State AFL-CIO congratulates our union brother Congressman Donald Norcross on his recent appointment as a co-chair of the Rebuilding America Task Force, part of the a larger “Jobs for America” initiative. His ongoing leadership in this important role will ensure the advancement of a progressive pro-worker agenda that addresses the ongoing challenges in our economy. We also recognize and thank Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman who also serves as co-chair of this important task force through which she continues to demonstrate an ongoing commitment to working people across New Jersey.

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