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New Jersey State AFL-CIO Responds to Conditional Veto of Paid Family Leave Expansion

TRENTON – Following the Governor’s conditional veto of S-3085, to expand New Jersey’s Paid Family Leave law, the New Jersey State AFL-CIO issued the following statement:

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Norcross to Host Congressional Panel

A Conversation on the “Future of Work, Wages & Labor”

The New Jersey State AFL-CIO is proud to join our union brother and Congressman Donald Norcross for a panel discussion that will focus on how to improve the lives of all working families through legislative and political action. Several members of Congress from across the country will participate, making this an ideal opportunity to share your thoughts and ideas with our representatives.

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Call Congress to Oppose Cuts to Health, Retirement, and Veterans

Thanks to your efforts, we have derailed Trump’s anti-health care bill as confirmed by reports of GOP leadership in the Senate admitting defeat. This victory is of enormous significance since it will ensure millions of Americans get to keep their health care and won’t be faced with bankruptcy just because they get sick. While the battle was won, the war is far from over.

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State Workers to Receive Back Pay for Wages Lost Due to Shutdown


The New Jersey State AFL-CIO is proud to announce that state workers, who were furloughed during the government shutdown, will receive retroactive pay thanks to your support. The state Senate voted today to pass the bill and the Assembly is committed to passage by the end of July. The Governor has indicated that he would sign the legislation into law.

CLICK HERE for a breakdown of the Senate vote.

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Paid Family Leave Expansion Offers Clear Benefits


Thanks to the New Jersey State AFL-CIO and affiliates, our state paved the way for the nation by enacting one of the country’s first Paid Family Leave laws. The program has benefitted hundreds of thousands of workers, and worries that the program could impact the bottom line of businesses have proven unfounded.

Recognizing the success of Paid Family Leave, the state Senate and Assembly have passed legislation that would increase effectiveness and accessibility. The bill is now on the Governor’s desk awaiting approval. As a leading proponent of the bill, the New Jersey State AFL-CIO calls on the Governor to sign the expansion into law so that hundreds of thousands more working families can achieve a better work/life balance without putting their jobs or livelihoods at stake.

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Take Action to Help State Employees Recoup Lost Wages


The government shutdown was a crisis moment for our state, leaving New Jersey’s hardworking families at the will of political forces outside of their control. But if we take a step back from the bizarre world of state politics, we realize that the fallout has a real impact on the lives of working people. To pay the mortgage, buy groceries, pay medical bills, whatever it may be, each day’s earning count. A bill has been introduced in the Senate with an Assembly version to follow shortly that ensures state employees, who were denied their wages because of the shutdown, are fairly compensated.

CLICK HERE to send a message to your state legislators asking them to support the bill while urging the Governor to respect the state workforce and sign the measure into law.

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Rally to Demand Pay for Locked Out State Workers

Our brothers and sisters from CWA will be holding a Pay Day Mobilization on Thursday, July, 13, 2017, to demand compensation for workers, who were kept off the job because of the government shutdown.

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BCTGM Fight for American Jobs Featured on PBS


In a five-minute mini-documentary produced by PBS, our brothers and sisters from BCTGM spoke out against the greed of Nabisco parent company Mondelez, which closed a manufacturing facility in Chicago to move jobs to Mexico. Now jobs that were once able to sustain a middle class standard of living in our country will pay workers in Mexico approximately $1 per hour with the savings going to enrich corporate executives and shareholders.

We encourage everyone to watch this stirring video which you can find HERE. Be sure to share this with your friends as well.

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Deal Struck Ending Three-Day Government Shutdown


True character is revealed in times of crisis and Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto, demonstrated unwavering courage, leadership, and love for New Jersey and its working families; we owe him and those legislators who stood strong in opposition to the Governor a sincere debt of gratitude. These champions of our state showed the political courage we would expect of all lawmakers.

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Take Action and Urge Lawmakers to End the Shutdown, Pass a Clean Budget

We elected legislators to do a job and abstaining from a vote that has now caused a state government shutdown is unacceptable. People's livelihoods are at stake and decisive action is needed. Below is a list of legislators who have abstained and need to hear their constituents' voices:

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