May 5th National Day of Action at Verizon


As you all know, our CWA and IBEW brothers and sisters have been on strike at Verizon since April 13th. The New Jersey State AFL-CIO has been in the thick of this fight and we would like to ask all affiliates to join a Verizon picket near you to strengthen the collective voice of workers battling corporate greed.

May 5th has been declared a national day of action, and we ask all affiliates to join existing pickets, which you can find HERE, or host your own picket by “adopting a store”.

Those unions that can adopt a store on a regular basis beyond May 5th are encouraged to do so. For a listing of stores to adopt please CLICK HERE. Please also review store adoption instructions and a list of DOs and DON’Ts.

Your solidarity is essential. It sends a message to Verizon that workers will not be broken, and it gives workers the energy they need to carry on the quest for justice. Once again, be sure to visit to learn more about the strike and how you can show your solidarity for our IBEW and CWA brothers and sisters.

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