Make Your Voice Heard


In three short days, organized labor will finish the job it started and vote to put Phil Murphy, Sheila Oliver, and all of our endorsed candidates over the top. Make no mistake, we would not be at this point if not for the months of hard work put forth by thousands of union volunteers all across this state. Between our affiliates, CLCs, BTCs, and national brothers and sisters, the resources dedicated to this campaign demonstrate the labor movement’s commitment to pro-worker policies that move our state forward.

This Saturday alone, 1,427 volunteers knocked on 49,945 union household doors to encourage every brother and sister in the labor movement to get the facts, get involved, and get out to vote. At this stage of election season, the last point cannot be stressed enough. Your voice is your vote, and as we know, every vote counts.

We’ve seen it so many times: where labor candidate races decided by only a handful of votes. Yet, by making sure our members get out to vote, we have the power to make sure each of these races goes our way every time. A victory in the governor’s race, while powerful, is not enough in itself. With the threats to our livelihood taking place at every level of government, we need to ensure working family representation at every level of government.

Join us for an all-out GOTV mobilization on Election Day to elect the candidates who share our values. CLICK HERE to find the volunteer staging location nearest you.

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