Labor Walks the Walk


What separates the labor movement from everybody else? It’s simple: we do the work. Whether it’s on the job or on the campaign trail, we dedicate the energy needed to get results. We know it’s not easy balancing work, family, and other obligations, but at the same time, we rise to the occasion when called upon.

We'd like to specifically recognize the Bergen County CLC for an outstanding turnout of volunteers this Saturday, which provided a warm welcome to Phil Murphy, who visited before union members hit the streets on behalf of the Murphy/Oliver team and a slate of endorsed working family champions.

If you haven’t reserved a couple of Saturday mornings on your calendar for labor walks already, now is the time. CLICK HERE for the current schedule of walks.

We know that everyone is working hard, but the importance of this election cannot be understated. In fact, the work we do now will surely pay dividends into the future, leaving more time for the things that matter most.

As always, we thank the many union volunteers, Central Labor Councils, and Building Trades Councils who have volunteered their time and are leading the way to a much-needed election victory this year. There is still much work to be done, and we invite you to join us.

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