Labor Walks: The Key To Building Worker Power

For the second Saturday in a row, union members across the state are reaching out to thousands of union sisters and brothers who will vote by mail.  While the window to reach VBM members is limited, our efforts are boundless.  Every VBM member who is reached is a member who is informed and knowledgeable.  Our COPE program is working to educate our members who are taking advantage of the VBM legislation that the New Jersey State AFL-CIO fought to enact and data shows a steady increase in the number of VBM voters.  Therefore it is essential that we encourage and educate those voters in a timely fashion.

  We have 69 union members who are on the ballot this year along with the entire Assembly and one Senate race.

            Worker Power is built on the foundation of electing union members to public office.  When union members hold public office, we experience real progressive, pro-worker legislation.  To all of our Central Labor Councils who sponsored labor walks these past two weeks, thank you for your leadership.  To our affiliates who sent volunteers, thank you for your commitment!

            This year again the Labor Movement will make the difference!

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