Union Volunteers Make First Statewide Labor Walk of the Season a Big Success


We thank the many volunteer union members who made the New Jersey State AFL-CIO’s first statewide labor walk of the season a big success. With nearly 50 labor candidates on the ballot, we have the power to improve our economy by electing our own. We’re counting on all of you to join us on Saturdays through the fall to help elect candidates who will keep our state at the forefront of strengthening workers’ voices and preserving workers’ rights.


Our volunteers visit fellow union members’ homes to inform their brothers and sisters in the labor movement about important choices they will have in the Nov. 3 election. Electing union-endorsed candidates is the only way to ensure that the voice of working families is heard. It is up to each of us to promote labor-endorsed candidates and to fully support our union brothers and sisters who are running for office.

With elections for state and local offices just 45 days away, we want to make sure that every union household is fully informed about the candidates who share our union values and are ready to exercise their right to vote. Your participation in labor walks is essential to advancing our progressive agenda. The opportunity to earn a decent living depends on who we vote into office.

View a gallery of photos from the labor walk by CLICKING HERE. To volunteer for a labor walk, visit our web site by CLICKING HERE.

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