Labor Walks

Labor walks are how we make our voices heard! 

In 2018, during the midterm elections, our volunteers knocked on over 366,000 union-household doors to help spread the word about our endorsed candidates. This led to the election of a U.S. Senator, all 12 labor-endorsed Congressional candidates, nine State Senate and Assembly members, and fifty labor candidates.  

In these difficult times, with the constant attacks on workers’ rights and union rights, we need to make an extra effort to ensure that we elect candidates who will place the needs of working families first. With each street we canvas and door we knock on, we edge closer towards our goal, and we must not quit until we educate every last union member.

Walking door-to-door is key to winning elections. Even with all the new technology that’s out there, nothing can replicate the impact of one-on-one conversations. That’s why we need you to walk with us every Saturday that you can. Whether you’ve walked before or this is your first time, your voice is essential to our success.

There’s no such thing as a sure victory. This is why we encourage every affiliated union to provide volunteers to participate in our labor walks, which take place every Saturday, from 8:30 am – 12:00 pm, during the election season. All volunteers should bring their smartphones to utilize MiniVAN, our app-based walk system.

Only through the efforts of our volunteers can we realize the strength of our labor movement. If we work together, and we walk together, we will win together!

2019 Labor Walk Schedule Coming Soon...