Labor Walk App Makes a Big Impression among Union Volunteers


Union volunteers who were introduced to app-based labor walk packets for the first time on Saturday returned from the labor walk hugely enthusiastic about the new technology. The feedback from the volunteers who offered to download and use the app was overwhelmingly positive. They said it was easy and fun to use, and more efficient than the traditional paper packets because it allows more union households to be reached in a shorter period of time.

Special thanks to the Bergen County CLC for piloting this exciting new digital technology.

The new electronic packets enable volunteers to reach fellow union members using their smart phones. Downloading the app and learning how to use it takes just a few minutes. The app has a map feature that allows labor walk volunteers to efficiently plan and complete the day’s route. They record the outcome of their contact with each union household on their phones. The real-time data is downloaded at the end of the walk. 

Electronic labor walk packets have the potential of being fast, flexible and efficient. Because of the overwhelming success of Saturday’s pilot project, we will be expanding the use of the app, known as MiniVAN, to other CLCs throughout the state immediately.

The successful application of app-based technology strengthens our get-out-the-vote effort and is further proof that the New Jersey State AFL-CIO labor program is second to none. We look forward to seeing all of you on labor walks on Saturdays through the fall, and on Election Day!

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